American gun enthusiasts are batshit crazy

Amidst the chaos of everyone’s favourite human, D. Trump, the good folk of planet Earth have taken their eye off America’s lowest hanging fruit of the last million years – gun toting morons who will get up in everyone’s grill about their need for self defense. I’m pretty keen on heading over to the US soon for a trip around their many wonderful states and cities. Natural and man made wonders and culture are everywhere in their diverse country. But every bloody day it seems that you hear of another shooting. For us in Australia, it usually has to involve multiple deaths or some other newsworthy details. We don’t hear much about all the individual deaths and what not that probably occur most days.

I started watching Bowling For Columbine, a ‘documentary’ made post another school shooting in America. I only watched about 45 minutes or so because it was slow and Michael Moore is pretty displeasing on the eye – stop eating mate!! Anyway, there was one particular part which pretty much fit the stereotype that is painted about Americans and their guns. This man, from Michigan I think, was a real redneck guy. ‘Murica, NRA, no immigrants, etc. etc. He reckons that if he doesn’t have a gun (and it was many guns, include semi-automatics) he is failing in his duty to protect his family. He was delusional. It was like he thought that at any given moment terrorists, or other crazy Americans, were going to storm his house in the woods with the might of the Soviet army. It was almost comical, the extent to which he felt he needed this weaponry.

Surely if guns were regulated as they are in Australia, you wouldn’t ‘need’ one because old mate Frank next door doesn’t have one. So when he sends you passive aggressive notes about cutting down that big oak tree on his fence line, you know he’s not gonna come and shoot you. He might throw a couple of left-rights, or maybe issue you with a County Court date. It just beggars belief that they are literally killing each other with their guns. They bang on about the Constitution. Fucking hell, have you ever heard of societal progress? Their constitution was effective from 1789. 227 years have now passed. The iPhone has been created and revamped 11 times since their launch in 2007. That is probably too much, but you get the point. Things change. I reckon back in 1789 when outlaw gangs and angry, wild bears were in abundance, a gun might’ve been handy. Today, I’d be confident in locking the door when a bear wanders down the street. We don’t use the death penalty anymore – in Australia, anyway. We’ve moved past the Earth being flat. Homosexuals are not aliens. Black and white people get the bus together – hell, they even work together.

But you best not be touchin’ my guns, ya hear me boy!! It’s in the Constitution boy!


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