What do you get for coming here?

When you go to a Chinese restaurant, you expect Chinese food. When you come to Real Dukes, you expect stock photos (above – nice) and topical opinion on a range of matters – usually sport based, while occasionally flittering with the great unwashed’s obsession with popular culture and other relevant matters. This site is born out of the ashes of strongdukes, a site that served a wonderful purpose for a few years – procrastination of a university student. Just like the Elvis Museum, strongdukes still receives an immense amount of traffic in death. Unlike Elvis, it won’t be spoken about as a significant cultural turning point in history.

That’s where Real Dukes comes in – an egotistical venture that begins with the noble intentions of brightening someone – anyone’s – day with fruity opinions, provoking the mind on the oh so important parts of life – sport, gun control and snacks. It will undoubtedly turn into a capitalist project to reel some dollars in. So join, and read. I hope you will enjoy, but even if you don’t, you can click anyway. It’ll make you feel good – like giving money to a charity you know nothing about when they catch eyes with you at the lights and you feel the horrific wave of social responsibility sweep across you.


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